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Autumn-winter 2019-2020 photoshoot I

In the autumn of 2019, our cooperation with Carol-Liis and Kristi continued. Carol-Liis and photographer Kristi Tüvi have been working together for many years. Carol-Liis’s stylist’s handwriting can be found on Instagram at and Kristi’s handwriting at This time the photography took place in the autumn as usually. Autumn and winter are the time to wear woolen knitwear, so the golden autumn and crisp winter weather are suitable for us, the main thing is that the models do not freeze during the photoshoot. Monday, October 14, was still as usual in the autumn, cloudy and rainy. It was quite a difficult day for everyone involved. It was good that we did not get really wet. We took photos of Lookbook in Nõmme due to the rainy weather, discovering new and interesting places. We also took some photos in the courtyard of the family restaurant Snoob Thanks to the restaurant team! The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

Autumn-winter 2018-2019 photoshoot

In the autumn of 2018, our cooperation continued with Carol-Liis, who made a photo series with Mithio knits for her course work, the trend diary “The Forager”.
Carol-Liis and photographer Kristi Tüvi have been working together for many years. The stylist handwriting of Carol-Liis can be found on Instagram at and Kristi’s handwriting at
As always, this time the shooting tended to be very late in the fall, due to the late completion of our new knit styles. Wednesday, October 31, was, as usual, a half dark and cloudy day in which the sun rays had no hope.
As usually, we took the product photos in Nõmme and then we drove to Ruunoja farm, Anija parish. The farm was wonderful and there were really many opportunities for interesting photos. There we also made a video of Mithio styles. The video can be seen in full on our Facebook page The author of the video is Chris Männik, whose other works can be seen here
The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

Late autumn 2017 with 4 models

Thursday, November 30, on late autumn we made the second photoshoot of the Mithio winter 2017-2018 collection, where our models were two brothers – Markus, Magnus and their two wonderful four-legged friends Fiji and Mustikas. This time our location was the Rohuneeme beach on the Viimsi peninsula, where the dogs could move comfortably. The weather was typically foggy and cloudy as usually late autumn.

Markus and Magnus have also tried modeling in the past, which they both do after work. Artjom Fraiman has been an active photographer for many years at

The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

Autumn-winter 2018 photoshoot I

We have to admit that we are not very diligent and skilful in writing and we owe our readers the photography stories of several previous seasons’ collections. On Tuesday, September 26, the Mithio Winter 2017-2018 collection was photographed on a sunny early autumn day. This time in Nõmme, in our small lovely garden, where there was still a lot of fresh greenery. The photographer then was Sohvi Viik, who has become a great portrait photographer today:
Our good acquaintance Kristo tried modeling for the second time. It was a real challenge for both, him and the photographer. Kristo has also been our model in the early years of Mithio 2011-2012, but he has a real job as a singer and his name can be found in the ranks of the Estonian National Opera: The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

The Forager

At the end of January, we were contacted by Carol-Liis, an Estonian student studying in the UK. She had found Mithio while searching for ideas and inspiration for her course work – “The Forager”, a visual blog dedicated to Nordic fashion and lifestyle trends. It was born out of the author’s love for her home country in Northern Europe and fascination with visual arts, organic textures and the world of Nordic design. The Forager  tells stories using beautiful visuals – it is a place where fashion meets rugged wilderness. Mithio’s knitwear is in tune with this vision of the Northern way of life.
The results of the February photoshoot are on out website in LOOKBOOK 2017 February. Soon a video of the photoshoot will be added for viewing. You can also follow the blog in Instragram at foragerjournal and on the website

Autumn-winter 2016 photoshoot II

Despite the cold weather, the second part of the photo shooting of Mithio´s 2016/2017 winter collection took place on Tuesday, December 6. For the location this time we chose the limestone west coast of the Pakri peninsula. Quite a few springs open onto the steep limestone pavement, which, at this time of year, were not yet completely frozen. We had not had a photo shoot so late in the season before – the weather was icy and windy, but the models Hanne-Loore and Karl-Thomas were coping bravely. The freezing cold weather put our photographer Sohvi’s fingers to the test as well. Pakri peninsula inspired us with its round stones, polished by water on the beach, as well as with the textures and colours of the large, massive limestone formations.
In the middle of the peninsula we found some wild apple trees with a lot of red-cheeked apples still hanging from the branches. For a moment, even the sun came out from behind the clouds, which can be seen in some photos.
You can look at the result of the second part of the shooting in our Lookbook page.

Autumn-winter 2016 photoshoot I

Despite the rainy weather the photoshoot of Mithio´s new fall-winter 2016 collection took place on Monday, the 29th of August. This time we chose two different locations – the park of Von Glehn with its mysterious velvety greenery, and a quiet suburbian sidestreet of Wismari in the center of Tallinn.
It had been raining incessantly during the photoshoot of the webstore styles, but it stopped just before we were about to begin in the park of Von Glehn. The rain had covered the forest in deep green velvet shades , and coloured some naughty raindrops on a gray cardigan sleeve.
A black cat that was sitting at an open window in the alley, didn´t mind that we were there. At first it just sat there, but then it lay down and quietly watched as the model kept changing the poses.
The first part of the photoshoot can be seen in our Lookbook page.
The next session will take place at the end of October when the weather should be really autumnal and crisp.
Just the right time to get a warm sweater.

Mithio PINS

Pins_logo_white_on_black-largeMithio joined PINS loyalty program
Since November 2015 MITHIO offers its customers a loyalty program in collaboration with PINS, where PINS can be collected in MITHIO webstore.
With PINS loyalty program you can collect PINS with every purchase in our webshop at
You can earn 2 PINS for each 1 Eur spent.
For example – If your order´s total amount  with delivery cost is 49.90 Euros, you earn 100 PINS.
From time to time we make special offers where you can earn additional PINS bonus points.
In case you are not yet a PINS program member, you can join through our webshop or directly at

PINS member service
Latvia     +371 67 280 280
Lithuania +370 700 55 665
Finland  +358 (0)207 64 94 24
Russia  +7 495 2585405

Mithio on exhibitions in 2015

NäitusThrough the Estonian Fashion Designers Community Mithio women´s jumper style Mill Mall
participated on a photo in many exhibitions at home and abroad in the past year of 2015.

6.05-7.06.2015 on a photo exhibition introducing Estonian national fashion and ethnographic carpets in Library of Mahen, Brno, Czech Republic.

21.10-20.11.2015 on an exhibition I AM ESTONIAN, in Tallinn, Toompea Parliament House.

21.12.2015-18.01.2016 on an exhibition I AM ESTONIAN in Moscow Beljajevo exhibition gallery, Russia.

Beautiful model on the photo is Crislin Lind (@crislinl). She was also our model at the 2013 phtoshoot.


Mithio – stylish knitwear for cold winter season

A knitwear collection for men and women was founded in 2009 under the trademark of Mithio. Mithio released their first knitwear collection for autumn-winter 2010/11 season. Mithio´s sweaters are indispensable companions in our northern climate.
Every new collection contains different knittypes and patterns for both men and women. Everyone can find it´s favorite  – a thick and soft cableknit sweater or a warm cardigan for a cold “after ski” long winter night, or a thinner woolmix jacket for everyday´s officework.
Mithio brand´s creator and designer Tiia Orgna chooses inspiring new designs for each season, which reflect in many various color combinations.
The unifying features for this winter are filigree geometric patterns – triangular shape of butterfly motif, diagonal embossed herringbone weaving in different versions and large rustic cables. Nevertheless, each season has also favourite styles from the previous collections, but the repetition of these patterns is always in a new color combination.
For Mithio the most important is the implementation of the product, because our customers appreciate the value of good design and quality, as well as the perfect fit and the easy wash & care, which is ensured with excellent Italian yarns. All our sweaters are knitted at the best knitters in Lithuania, where the high quality and a fair price are worth the final result.
You will find Mithio´s knitwear in Tallinn department store.

Article from the Tallinna Kaubamaja´s magazine „Season“, winter 2015.

Mithio at St Martin’s Day Fair

Muhu MariThe 19th St Martin’s Day Fair took place from the 5th to 8th of November 2015 in Tallinn, Saku Arena.
Mithio participated in the fair for the fourth time.
This time we offered a very wide range of various men´s and women´s sweaters, a total of nearly 40 different models in around 60 different color or pattern combinations. Every season our collection includes some popular styles from previous collections, but they come always in new color combinations.
It was a great joy to see familiar faces from last times, who came to see our new styles to try and buy.
We were very pleased to note that there is a growing loyal fanclub for Mithio brand.

See you on the 20th jubilee of St. Martin’s Day Fair next year in 2016 !

Mithio´s knits at the exhibition – Olen eestlane

Two Mithio´s women´s jumpers – styles Mill Mall and Karu Mari –
are represented at the exhibition – “To be an Estonian – Olen Virolainen”,
will be opened from 12th of  September 2014 in
Craft Museum of Finland in Jyväskylä at the address Kauppakatu 25, Jyväskylä.

The exhibition is open from 13/09 – 07/12/2014, opening time is Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00. Additional information



Autumn-winter 2015 collection photoshoot

FullSizeRenderThe photoshoot of Mithio´s new fall-winter 2015 collection took place on Tuesday, the 25th of August. Completely by chance it was exactly the same date as the previous year. We chose the old mine of Rummu for the surreal background landscape. The weather was quite the opposite of the previous year – it was quite hot, around 25+ degrees and the sun was shining in a cloudless sky. You can see the end result towards the end of September, when we add lookbook photos and change the style´s photos of online shop.

ATLM Design ( Mithio ) joined DEE in April, 2010.

The Design Excellence of Estonia (DEE) is Estonia’s meeting place for competence in the field of design, a place for opportunities and contacts. It is concentrated at the best Estonian design bureaus, who are stronger when acting together, being more versatile and valuable partners in design service. Design Excellence Estonia is a good opportunity for clients to find the best design of the required service from a single place.
Design Excellence Estonia of today unites 21 Estonian renowned design companies, who offer services to the whole field, being strong both in hand based unique design, as well as strategic, communication, and industrial design. Most of the members of Design Excellence Estonia have already working experience in foreign markets, directly or indirectly. Read more here about DEEst:

Mithio 2010-2011 knitwear collection on sale in Estonia.

Mithio´s 2010-2011 season  collection is inspired by the northern simplicity and a modest nature, creating modern, functional products, each with a small part of its own meaning. The choice of patterns, geometric motifs is inspired by various small miniature objects – gloves and wool socks, hand-woven belts and the endless motifs of Kihnu Troi sweaters. Nearly every character has its own meaning and  Mithio brings these characters back into everyday wear.
Using the latest technologies, we are able to offer garments that are comfortable, but with the same quality characteristics than traditional wool sweaters. Selected motives of our products are made either as hand embroidery, machine embroidery, woven or printed. The choice of the motifs and the fulfillment will depend on each particular style, based on the material used and by selecting the best solution.


Mithio´s first success story

Mithio´s first project was to design and produce the official representative clothing set for the Latvian Olympic Team for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. It was a big subscription of a 130-member Olympic team.
Latvian Olympic Committee as a client, was extremely conscious and demanding about the representative clothing, about the quality and as well as technical solutions – the basic vision, quality, materials and colors. The goal was to create a unique and original clothes for the Latvian Olympic team, and differentiate themselves from the mass production by emphasizing the Latvian national diversity, colors and national motifs.
Concept and strategy
As previously mentioned, the task was to create unique and original clothes for the Latvian Olympic team, emphasizing in particular the Latvian national diversity and national motifs. The entire set of clothing was designed and made under  Mithio´s brand. During the work we  combined various national elements, used several of them in a combination with geometric elements on the modern high-tech fabrics.
Olympic Collection consisted of nine garments: long coat with wadding, wadded ski jacket and trousers, casual trousers, knitted sweater and a long zip cardigan, knitted scarf, a hat and ski gloves. Coats, jacket and trousers are manufactured with seam-sealing technology.  On the internal and external sides of the trousers, we have used the printed decorative elements.
More about the styles
Dunte, Dunte W – men’s / women’s fully seam sealed jackets. The outer fabric: 100% polyamide / 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% polyester, wadding Thinsulate, 100% polyester, color black/white. A fully seam-sealed jacket from a laminated DERMIZAX fabric from Japan, waterproofness 20 000 mm, breathability 10 000g / m² 24h by standard test B-1 inverted cup method (JIS L-1099 B-1). The jacket has waterproof zippers on lower pockets, one chest pocket, Napoleon pocket, rib on sleeve hem, adjustable snow skirt inside, zippered underarm ventilations ,decorative motif print on upper and embroidery, a large decorative motif print on inside of lining, two-way adjustable and zipper removable hood, adjustable jacket width of the bottom edge.

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves wears Mithio´s sweater.





Today we discovered from the depths of the internet pictures of the President of the Republic of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, wearing Mithio´s autumn / winter 2011-12 collection sweater. Fits perfectly and a joy to look at! More pictures here. Photos: Ahto Sooaru (Delfi)

Buy a sweater, get mittens for free !

Purchase a sweater from our online store until 30 of June and get warm fleece-lined mittens for free. You can choose between three colors: black, white and fuchsia. Note about the desired color before the payment in the additional comments box.

Photoshoot of Autumn 2014 collection






On Monday, the 25th of August 2014, was the photoshoot of Mithio´s new autumn collection. Here are some of the behind-the scenes photos of this lovely day. Despite the rain and wind, we got our styles captured. The final result will be seen in September, when we change the photos of website and online shop.



Mithio knits among the Estonian National Museum’s collections

The six knit styles of Mithio´s Autumn 2013 collection were chosen to be among the Estonian National Museum’s collections. The museum has collected these to complement the modern objects held in the museum´s collections, which are inspired by ethnographic textiles. They will be kept in a section A. The chosen knits are with two different Kihnu Troi patterned sweaters : women’s sweater Kihnu Mann and men’s sweater August. Another style is with big Muhu pattern sweater named Jaagu Mihkel and another sweater inspired from socks of Kadrina, style Kaxx Zip. Chosen style Mill Mall is inspired from the knitted gloves of Ruhnu, style Karu Mari with it´s goose-eye motif on neckline. Men’s sweater Kaxx Zip and women’s Karu Mari will be on sale again in October/November 2014.

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