Mithio sweaters are very easy to care for !
See care instructions attached to the product inside and look here for more good suggestions for washing  – following these simple instructions the sweater does not stretch out nor shrink.
Note – spinning and tumble drying are two different operations.
Our sweaters are allowed to spin on low speed , but are not allowed to tumble dry.

– Can be washed in a washing machine with the wool program or handwash program, however, use only low spin – 500-700 rev / min
– Use only detergents for wool
– Do not use whitening detergents
– According to the product carelabel do not exceed the highest wash temperature
– Wash light and dark colors separately
– The color stays longer beautiful when you turn the sweater inside out
– Reshape after washing
– After drying, steam on reverse side
All our styles pass all the tests and following the instructions above. Based on the results above, we have written down the care instructions. A sweater can shrink in this case maximum of 1%.
Should you forget to put the right program and the right kind of spin speed, nothing worse happens, only sweater will shrink a bit more. Sweater shrinkage in this case can be a maximum of 3-4%.
In case you’re still using totally wrong washing program, the sweater will shrink by one or more sizes smaller.
To avoid this, be careful in choosing a sweater washing program and detergent.

All the above is for your satisfaction to enjoy Mithio´s  sweater at its best for a longer time !

Your Mithio.



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