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Mithio knits among the Estonian National Museum’s collections

The six knit styles of Mithio´s Autumn 2013 collection were chosen to be among the Estonian National Museum’s collections. The museum has collected these to complement the modern objects held in the museum´s collections, which are inspired by ethnographic textiles. They will be kept in a section A. The chosen knits are with two different Kihnu Troi patterned sweaters : women’s sweater Kihnu Mann and men’s sweater August. Another style is with big Muhu pattern sweater named Jaagu Mihkel and another sweater inspired from socks of Kadrina, style Kaxx Zip. Chosen style Mill Mall is inspired from the knitted gloves of Ruhnu, style Karu Mari with it´s goose-eye motif on neckline. Men’s sweater Kaxx Zip and women’s Karu Mari will be on sale again in October/November 2014.

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