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MITHIO has a commitment to timeless and classical slow fashion designs you will use and love for many years to come. Every piece could be worn time after time, despite the age or season.
Every MITHIO knit is intended to be your best companion.


MITHIO is a knitwear brand beyond seasons or trends.
Our designs are created in Estonia, crafted from high quality wool and merino yarns, easy care materials, offering longevity in wearing and caring.
As little impact as possible, as long of a lifespan as possible.


We prioritize fabric composition. We aim to meet consumers’ demand for natural fibers. Wool is a natural, renewable, biodegradable fiber.
We value materials that have longevity and durability, not to mention quality.
We are highly considering each step in our sourcing and production processes.
Our knits are crafted from high quality wool and merino yarns, wool originating from Australia, South Africa, and China. Our chosen yarns have no harmful or irritating chemicals used, are easy care materials, offering longevity in wearing and caring.

We try to make responsible choises as much as we can, especially when using materials that come from animals. The wool yarns we are using are mulesing-free.

We prioritize high quality, ethical and environmental aspects in the production. MITHIO has no production of its own and instead has carefully selected suppliers, where are safe and healthy working conditions.
Long-term, trusting relationships with our partners create value for us as well as for those around us.


One of our core values is that we design slow fashion. We hope that each garment we produce shall be loved and used for many years and seasons to come.

Sustainability for us means development of a product, which can be recycled, reused, repurposed, or composted and does not pollute the environment by releasing pollutants, or otherwise harm the environment throughout its life cycle.

The textile and yarn industry has an impact on the environment, using a lot of water and chemicals. We aim to find a responsible alternative for our customers and continuously work towards improvements on every work phase we can – a path to a more sustainable and responsible future for the knitwear industry.
Despite there is a long way to go, every small step is better than nothing.

Sustainability depends as much on all of us as the end consumer. This means that the consumer is also ready to think about how they can re-use woolen knitwear or give the product a new second life by redesigning it.


Wool is naturally repellent to dirt and odors. Ventilate the wool garment before you consider washing, as wool is a self-cleaning natural fiber. When taking care of your wool garment do not wash it too often, or wash promptly by hand only the dirty spot or stains and then air out the garment. Use wool detergent only.
To take best care of your wool knit garment, once or twice per winter season, use machine wool wash or handwash program only, with wool detergent and do not use softener.


Our timeless and classical knitwear garments can be used for many years and seasons. Wool items can be re-styled in many ways – by patching, embroidering or just repairing and adding your personal touch.
When taking care of your wool garment, sometimes you choose wrong wash program and shrinking happens. Perfect for somebody in smaller size? Think about re-use before throwing it away.

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