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Autumn-winter 2018-2019 photoshoot

In the autumn of 2018, our cooperation continued with Carol-Liis, who made a photo series with Mithio knits for her course work, the trend diary “The Forager”.
Carol-Liis and photographer Kristi Tüvi have been working together for many years. The stylist handwriting of Carol-Liis can be found on Instagram at and Kristi’s handwriting at
As always, this time the shooting tended to be very late in the fall, due to the late completion of our new knit styles. Wednesday, October 31, was, as usual, a half dark and cloudy day in which the sun rays had no hope.
As usually, we took the product photos in Nõmme and then we drove to Ruunoja farm, Anija parish. The farm was wonderful and there were really many opportunities for interesting photos. There we also made a video of Mithio styles. The video can be seen in full on our Facebook page The author of the video is Chris Männik, whose other works can be seen here
The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

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