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Mithio Marie

Autumn-winter 2019-2020 photoshoot I

In the autumn of 2019, our cooperation with Carol-Liis and Kristi continued. Carol-Liis and photographer Kristi Tüvi have been working together for many years. Carol-Liis’s stylist’s handwriting can be found on Instagram at and Kristi’s handwriting at This time the photography took place in the autumn as usually. Autumn and winter are the time to wear woolen knitwear, so the golden autumn and crisp winter weather are suitable for us, the main thing is that the models do not freeze during the photoshoot. Monday, October 14, was still as usual in the autumn, cloudy and rainy. It was quite a difficult day for everyone involved. It was good that we did not get really wet. We took photos of Lookbook in Nõmme due to the rainy weather, discovering new and interesting places. We also took some photos in the courtyard of the family restaurant Snoob Thanks to the restaurant team! The final result of the shooting can be seen on our Lookbook page

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