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Mithio 2010-2011 knitwear collection on sale in Estonia.

Mithio´s 2010-2011 season  collection is inspired by the northern simplicity and a modest nature, creating modern, functional products, each with a small part of its own meaning. The choice of patterns, geometric motifs is inspired by various small miniature objects – gloves and wool socks, hand-woven belts and the endless motifs of Kihnu Troi sweaters. Nearly every character has its own meaning and  Mithio brings these characters back into everyday wear.
Using the latest technologies, we are able to offer garments that are comfortable, but with the same quality characteristics than traditional wool sweaters. Selected motives of our products are made either as hand embroidery, machine embroidery, woven or printed. The choice of the motifs and the fulfillment will depend on each particular style, based on the material used and by selecting the best solution.


Reg.N 11642693
+372 5034 483
Valguse 5
Tallinn 11621

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